FAQ- China Cnc Machining Center

Any question feel free contact !

Q1: How soon is your response? 

Within 24 hours.

Q2: How can I get your quotation?

Please send your design drawings or samples to us with your detailed requirements.

Usually you can get our quotation within 48 hours, while it depends on the workload.

Q3: What's the basic information do you need for each quotation?

(1)Material & code, e.g. SUS304 or 301; (2) Lot size & Annual volume;

Q4: How to confirm your quotation?

You can confirm it by phone, fax or email.

Q5: Can I have prototypes or samples before placing the order?

Sure, it can be made by soft tooling or hard tooling.

Q6: Do I have to pay for the prototypes or samples?

Not all the time. It depends on the raw material, labor cost and the courier charge.

You don't need to pay if the amount is less than USD10.

Q7: Do you need a courier account number from me? Such as DHL, EMS, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc.

Yes, if you have one. And we can also take care of all the details if you don't have.

Q8: How to place an order to you?

By phone, fax or email.

Q9: What is your favorite payment term for orders?

Paypal/Alibaba Payment /T/T or L/C. It is negotiable for other terms. 

Q10: Do you provide weekly report for my orders?

Yes, we do. And you can contact us for the status at any time.

Q11: Do you provide custom packaging?

Yes, we can do it for you.

Q12: Do you have bar coding capabilities?

Yes, we have.

Travel Information:

Arrive at Shenzhen International Airport

We will pick up you when you arrive, about 60 minutes to our china cnc machining center factory.