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The Press Conference for the opening of the 123rd session of China Import and Export Fair was held in Canton Fair Complex in the morning of Apr 14th. Mr. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced the general situation of this session.

Xu Bing stated that this year is the first year to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Congress, also the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up; it is a critical year to win the tough battle of targeted poverty reduction and to secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. At the rapid prototyping china Fair, we will follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese cnc parts for a New Era, study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Congress, focus on the goal of becoming a strong economic and trading nation in advance and stick to the principle of maintaining stability while pursuing progress. We will also stay committed to the new development concepts, upgrade “Smart Canton Fair” and “Green Canton Fair”, consolidate Canton Fair’s image as the machined parts ’s protection of intellectual property and play the Canton Fair’s role as a compressive and multi-functional platform. We will continue to improve Canton Fair’s specialization, market-orientation, information technology application and international development, and drive Canton Fair’s development in a manner of high quality, to make new contributions to consolidate China’s status as a big trader, build China into a strong trading nation and form a new pattern of opening-up in all aspects.

According to Xu Bing, with intense but orderly preparation, the 123rd Canton Fair is ready, which will open tomorrow.

Xu Bing introduced that the whole arrangement of the 123rd Canton Fair remains the same and exhibition size steady. The 123rd session will still be held in three phases with a total exhibition area of 1.185 million square meters and 60,475 booths. There are 25,171 exhibiting companies from home and abroad. Phase 1 starts from April 15th to 19th, showing Electronics and Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Products, Vehicles Spare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, Chemical Products and Energy Products. Phase 2 starts from April 23rd to 27th, showing Daily Consumer Goods, Gifts and Home Decoration Products. Phase 3 starts from May 1st to 5th, showing Textile and Garment, Shoes, Cases and Bags, Recreation Products, Medicine and Healthcare Products and Food.

16 categories of products will be exhibited in 51 sections. In this session, there are 59,483 booths and 24554 exhibiting companies in the National Pavilion. The booth arrangement is as follows: 11,925 brand booths and 47,558 general booths, taking up 20% and 80% respectively. The number of exhibiting companies in 3 phases is: 8,653 in Phase 1, 7,371 in Phase 2, and 8,530 in Phase 3.

The International Pavilion will be set up in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of 20,000 square meters. There are 992 booths and 6 product zones, and 617 enterprises and 12 national and regional delegation from 34 countries and regions, among which Ukraine, Thailand and Nepal are exhibiting for the first time. 

Xu said that to further improve specialization and exhibition quality, we will optimize product zones in the National Pavilion. In this session we will further divide sections in a specialized setting and 152 product zones will be set up, 12 more than the last session. We will also optimize structure of exhibiting companies and exhibits. Update ratio of exhibiting companies has reached 5% and more brand exhibitors representing China’s top manufacturing capacity will participate; to be exact, 2149 brand companies in the National Pavilion. We will optimize New Energy, Outdoor Spa Equipment and other new themes; industrial leading brands continue to exhibit, and the overall quality of exhibition has been improved. More products of self-owned IPR and brands, high technological content and low-carbon and environmentally friendly products have been present and new images of Made-in-China and Chinese brands have been more noticeable. Also we will improve specialization in the International Pavilion. In this session we will launch the comprehensive health industrial cluster for international daily chemicals for the first time, and high end and organic daily chemical brands from the US, France and Germany will participate. We’ll also hold various trade-matchmaking activities, to build a “One-Stop” bridging platform for overseas exhibitors and domestic buyers.

For this session we’ve made innovation in promotion concepts and methods and carried out targeted marketing, invitation and service according to industries. Firstly, global promotion. We’ve advanced innovative buyer promotion mode based on Internet, new media and big data application, invite global buyers to attend through six social media, five search engines and professional email marketing. We’ve held 15 remote video conferences (International Promotion Campaign) in 15 countries, and expanded Canton Fair’s “Friends’ Circle”. Secondly targeted marketing. We’ve engaged in comprehensive cooperation on marketing with 113 industrial and commercial organizations in 67 countries. With professional channels and resources, we can target specific markets and key customers for targeted marketing activities. Thirdly targeted invitation. We’ve further advanced I-invite and ARNB activities to increase attendance rate. Fourthly, targeted service. We’ve enhanced buyers’ CRM and set up VIP Lounge and Restaurant to improve buyers’ experiences. It is the first time that we roll our incentive measures for supplier and buyer matchmaking activities and coordinate trading delegations, exhibitors and buyers on such activities. We’ve also enhanced our cooperation with airlines and hotels to provide more professional and convenient value-added services. We’ve made new attempts in applying Messenger Bot, VR video, AR technology, Progressive Web App, AI to improve smart services.

Xu introduced that the functions of Canton Fair have been further enriched; while export trade continues to be consolidates, comprehensives ones such as customer networking, display and negotiation, industrial exchange, information release and product promotion have been enhanced. In this session we will provide high-end information, supporting events and onsite value-added services that match exhibitors’ needs to contribute to the foreign trade transformation and upgrading. We will optimize design and matchmaking service. We will introduce quality partners, and hold design thematic activities and original design fashion show. 102 design companies from 12 countries and regions will participate. We will continue to select CF Awards. We have improved the selection rules and come up with new incentives, to improve the awareness and participation of exhibitors and promote the best practices of award winner


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