Machining Capabilities



We manufacture parts on 3-4-5axis CNC mills.

we expanding our capabilities always

Standard Tolerance :± 0.005″ [± 0.13mm]


We support turning of outside and inside features.

Standard Tolerance :± 0.005″ [± 0.13mm]

Surface finishing

Machining part assembly



Aluminum Alloys

Copper Alloys

Stainless Steels

CNC Machining has 3 & 4& 5 Axis machining centers. All of 

our machining centers are set up with multiple vises to 

help machine your production parts accurately and 

efficiently. With 3 & 4 Axis machining centers, we can 

machine a part in one or two operations that might 

otherwise take six; reducing time and costs for the 

customer.we do best job CNC machining China.

Our company approaches each project with the mindset of 

minimizing the number of operations, to maximizing quality, 

and increasing efficiency. When possible, we buy our 

materials oversized so that we can machine the top and 

sides in the same operation as the drilling, tapping, and 

machining of other features. This process insures that all 

sides are flat, square, and parallel to one another to 

allow us to hold tight true position tolerances.

CNC Machining can import your Para-Solid 3D image files, 

.PDF, .IGES, or .DXF files.

Quality Assurance Cnc Machining China

Quality assurance pervades 

every aspect of what we do—from the quoting phase to final 

delivery.Our expert quality technicians are trained to 

operate a wide range of process and quality control 

equipment—including coordinate measuring machines( CMM), 

microscopes and a wide range of precision micrometers, 

gauges and indicators.

Guarantee of quality: before mold production, our team 

will do APQP procedure to evaluate the drawings. After 

communication and drawings confirmation, to start the mold 

production and issue the flow chart for the whole process. 

our team will apply the SPC, MSA, FMEA and PPAP for the 

whole samples production process. send samples for approval 

together with PPAP docs. Start series production after 

signed PSW by customer.


Our team working to guarantee the quality and delivery 

in time for the new project development. But just in case 

the procedure failure, we promise to refund the tooling 

cost deposit to our customer.


product. We are selling not only CNC machined parts, but 

also our reputation. Having passed ISO9001:2008, we can 

proudly say that the quality of our products and parts are